Youtube Videos Not Playing

I have had the LG G2 phone for a few days now. Using the supplied (updated) Youtube app, the videos will not play unless I disable EITHER my home wi-fi OR the radio. I have tried disabling the app and accessing the Youtube site through Chrome- same problem. I can't believe that I have to turn off the radio in order to watch Youtube videos using wi-fi! I can watch embedded videos on other sites, as long as they are not Youtube. I should not be having this problem, and in searching forums, the problem is almost not-existent. I will be returning this phone if there is no solution.

Re: Youtube Videos Not Playing
Customer Service Rep

Hi parowan,

Let's get your LG G2 up and running. I would be frustrated as well if I was not able to watch videos. Is your software up to date on your phone. Also, what problems are you having with the radio on your device? The radio and YouTube would not be able to function at the same time. Keep us posted.

Thanks, BobbyS_VZW
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