i can't believe it and it's legal

This phone Revolution LG is the worst smartphone on the market(.) my WiFi doesn't connect and when it does the 4G will not go away so it just loops and loops and nothing happens for hours... it just shuts off for no reason is another issue.I have to use the usb to charge it if i use the electric straight into the wall the phone just blinks all night like I'm at a club.

This phone is a vampire it has drained the life out of me and it just frustrates me to no end. I have talked to LG it's Verizon's issue and Verizon of course said LG needs to send out a new push for the phone. I tried to work with Verizon and talked to many here in Louisville about just upgrading with a new 2year agreement.

Do you know that if you try to trade your phone in Verizon will only give you $31 LOL yes $31

I could only hope an attorney had bought one of these phones and sued over the issue, it's the only way Corp. America ever listens to anyone is mess with their bottom line.

I'm a speck of dust in the cell phone world yet when i get my income tax this contract will be paid off and bye Verizon and as for you LG you will never i say never get a cent from me again .

sad and pitiful how corporations treat their customers ... and if Verizon can't do anything, then you sue LG .. let's get this party started.

Is it income tax time yet??????

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Re: i can't believe it and it's legal
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I use a Spectrum, the cousin to the Revolution. If your phone is slow charging via a USB connection, but it is not via the wall charger, there's a good chance your problem is the wall charger. These are very inexpensive on eBAY, or you might want to go to a corporate VZW store and ask to try a charger there, and perhaps even a new battery. Someone should take it upon themselves to "good will gesture" you some token hardware. But I recommend being really nice to a rep. Put yourselves in their shoes. No one wants to work with a customer they percieve isn't going to appreciate what they try to do for them.

But like I said, an AC charger and even battery should be relatively inexpensive on eBAY, even Amazon. But try a corporate VZW store first.

OK, did you EVER receive any update for the Revolution? Have you EVER performed a factory data reset (FDR)?

First things: download Android Task Manager Free. Run it, and select the Phone tab. For every app in Phone memory, move it to the SD card. If a move fails, try again. Do this for every one of them until none are loaded in Phone memory.

Second, download 1Tap Cache Cleaner. Run it and clear all caches and history.

Third, completely delete the connection to your WiFi router (don't just turn of WiFi). Now, attempt to re-establish the connection.

Power down your device. Remove the battery. Wait 4-5 minutes. Re-install battery. Boot back up.

Is the behavior any different?

Last resort: you might want to export your contacts to the microSD card, and back the stuff on your SD card to a PC just in case. Write down your parameters for your email Incomming and Outgoing Servers. Then perform a FDR.

Hope something here aids you in some way.