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sooo many problems:'(

ive had the revolution for a while. it was my first smart phone and i was really dissapointed with the performance so i took it to the verizon store so see if they could fix some of the problems. the lady got so fed up with my phone that she sent me a replacement phone. now im even more dissapointed that the replacement phone is doing the same things! i can't seem to win with this phone. i decided to make a list of some of the things that really bug me about this phone, maybe someone can help?

  • when i restart my phone it resends old messages
  • sometimes it doesn't even send or recieve messages
  • if a message has more than one part, i wont get them all
  • it doesn't get connection most of the time, i normally have to use wifi which disconnects every 30 sec. it cant keep a connection
  • it freezes randomly
  • also randomly turns off
  • touch screen sometimes isn't responsive
  • while in a call, i have to press end call several times for it to end
  • while in a call, the screen sometimes doesn't turn back on for me to end call or use the keypad
  • i keep getting OZMAIL even though ive responded stop several times
  • battery overheats when charging and sometimes even in use
  • battery takes forever to charge
  • battery dies really fast even when not in use
  • randomly closes apps while in use
  • lags alot
  • sometimes doesn't read memory card when i restart my phone
  • while scrolling down, even the smallest scroll will send the page flying down

thats all i could remember for now. any suggestions? it sucks that i have to get a replacement phone AGAIN before i can switch this phone out:(Smiley Sad it causes me so much problems i just want to throw it across the room everytime i use it!

Re: sooo many problems:'(

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Re: sooo many problems:'(
Customer Support

Don't throw it across the room melikas! We can help!

I am so sorry about all the problems you've listed here and I know that we are going to do everything we can to get your phone working properly!

First off, regarding the various messaging issues, have you ever had a ticket filed for any of these? It sounds like it may be a device problem, but also possibly a problem with the network.

Regarding the connection to wi-fi, was there any damage to the phone? Sometimes even a small drop can cause some damage to the internal antenna and cause connection to be lost. Do you also have any battery saver or task killer applications? This could be the problem for both connection and battery charging issues.

The touch screen issue sounds to be more hardware related that it's laggin behind and not as responsive. When did that start?

Regarding the OZMAIL notifications, we can get those turned off in our system on our end. Have you had this done? I know that you are getting these as old notification that used to go to a basic phone when e-mail was received and now with a smartphone they are being mis-translated. This is a simple fix and one that I know we can take care of! Let us know.

Please keep us posted on any answers here and we can see what additional help we can give. I know we want you to have the best experience with your device possible.


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