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LG G3 Disaster

Did the update last week and have had nothing but trouble with it.... I have uninstalled and reinstalled apps to no avail.  The phone crashes and restarts at random.... The WiFi SUCKS... will be listening to Slacker and then it just skips like a bad record.  Have to turn it off and use data... which has shot through the roof (glad I have unlimited still)

There are times that I cant even get to my apps.  What is up with Verizon putting out a junk update????

Bluetooth drops at random while driving.... never had that problem before

Internet drops or locks the phone up... then randomly restarts

watching youtube is a joke

Battery life...... what life?  more like battery death!  If I get 6 hours out of it Im lucky

Battery overheats and the phone shuts off

This has to be the worst update I have ever seen....

Fix this update... or give us a way to go back to when the phones actually worked!

Again... I have already uninstalled and reinstalled my apps.... I need to uninstall the whole phone!

Very frustrating to pay so much for service and a phone to have a paperweight

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Re: LG G3 Disaster
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Re: LG G3 Disaster

I had the same problem when I updated my GS5. tried factory resets and everything--finally got a replacement device that has KitKat on it. But now it keeps asking me to update to lollipop every time I turn my phone on...

Re: LG G3 Disaster
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DON"T  !!!

Re: LG G3 Disaster
Customer Support
We don't want your phone to act up baker65! I want to make sure I touch up on every issue you are having.  What applications are you having problems? Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the application. I would love for you to put the phone on safe mode and retry and tell me if any of these issues reoccur.
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Re: LG G3 Disaster

well... the bluetooth cutting out, the wifi stopping and starting, the camera freezing, emails not loading, phone just shutting off and restarting,  the battery draining after 6 hrs, Slacker radio skipping like a scratched record. All of this was working fine before this sucky lollipop update.

Its not my phone... its the stupid update that no one thought to check to see if there were conflicts before forcing it on its customers.  I have already done a hard reset.... and it still does the same thing.  So I know its not the apps..