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LG G3 Restored - VZ Messages no photos in conversation

So restored my phone using the LG G3 backup, but for some reason the photos do not show up in VZ Messenger. If i open it up in the default Android Messenger i can see the images in the conversation. 

The reason why i'm not restoring from the VZ Cloud, after doing a few restores from VZ Cloud and them failing(10-20% into the restore). VZ Cloud backed up while i slept and now it giving me duped messages. IE: a conversation will have 2 of the same txt messages. Smiley Sad

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Re: LG G3 Restored - VZ Messages no photos in conversation
Customer Support

We want to ensure that everything is back on the device as intended, AfternoonShift. Help is on the scene. With the messages not being backed up to VZ Messenger, was this chosen as your default Messaging Application? With the duplicate messages showing from the Cloud, were the duplicate messages showing in VZ Messenger, the native Messaging Application, or both?

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Re: LG G3 Restored - VZ Messages no photos in conversation

Hey Chris,

What do you mean not being backed up by VZ Messenger? i believe it does, butt only 90 days? VZ Cloud will give me all my conversations?

I've been using the VZ Messenger since i bought the phone, so i never used the native messenger application. Both my native backup tool from LG and VZ cloud have my txt messages backed up. It just seems after the past few restores i did with VZ Cloud, they failed 10-20% into the restore. I do them while i sleep since the restore takes 5-6hrs. i did solve the failed restores by putting the phone in airplane mode and turning wifi on, which i was happy about! but then i noticed i had a bunch of conversations with 2-3 duplicates of the same txt msg.

My LG G3 backup does no have any duplicates, so i restored from there, but when i open VZ Messenger, none of the photos show up with the conversations where as the native does show them.  This is the first time i tried using the native messenger app, so i have no tried using it with just a VZ Cloud restore of the messages.

Re: LG G3 Restored - VZ Messages no photos in conversation


looks like the phone and app needed time to sync.  VZ messenger wasn't showing the photos in the message, like I mentioned earlier, But now it's showing the photos in the conversation. Took all day and night it seems. Stange that it took that long...but happy it did! So for anyone that else restores from there phones backup tool With a lot of photd and txts...give it a good 8-10hrs.