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LG G3 SIM Card Unreadable?

I have an LG G3. I recently got a notification that my SIM card was unreadable. I powered my phone down, took out the battery, removed the SIM card, then reassembled my phone, and turned it back on. After about ten minutes of no further problems, I received the same notification. This process continued for over two hours. Is there anything else I can do to resolve this issue? What is wrong exactly with my phone?

Thank you in advance!

(I'm not sure if this might be related, but about three months ago, I had to have the base of my phone replaced because there was a manufacturing error.)

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Re: LG G3 SIM Card Unreadable?

replace the card

Re: LG G3 SIM Card Unreadable?

Take the sim card out and look carefully at the pins. Are any damaged (broken). If so then you need to contact Verizon for repair. If you notice a pin or two lower than the others then carefully take a toothpick and lift it up a little. Be very careful and gentle as they are fragile. Grab some CNC electronics cleaner or something high in alcohol context (not whisky) to spray on and clean the pins. High Alcohol will not leave a residue behind.

Once your done, reinsert the sim card carefully, power on the phone and see if it recognizes it.

If you still have trouble, contact Verizon for repair. They may just send you a replacement phone, but the sim /sd port CAN be repaired -it's just tricky.