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LG G3 like a 10 year old phone after Lollipop upgrade.

Ever since the upgrade my phone is junk. Just like many others the battery life is about .25x the thing is constantly locking up and overheating. Won't even make calls without a reboot after it has been on for a few hours.

I was out of town for a family emergency and could hardly keep it charged enough to get updates from the hospital while, i had it on a charger constantly. Just sitting on the table it goes through 5% per 10 minutes.

I used to love this phone, battery life was awesome, seamless transitions and never a lag but now it might as well be a door stop. I tried the restore to factory and cleaning the caches blah blah but none of it works. The phone is junk and Verizon/LG/Google broke it with the upgrade.

Anyone had any luck replacing this with a similar phone, not another G3...

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Re: LG G3 like a 10 year old phone after Lollipop upgrade.

I'm having same issues (if not more) even after doing a hard reboot 😞

Just waiting on them to come out with the newer release and hoping it fixes the bugs

Re: LG G3 like a 10 year old phone after Lollipop upgrade.

Thank god it's not just me! I cannot believe the amount of times it's overheated and rebooted after this update. I used to brag about having this phone but now I'm more ashamed. I'm hoping they release a new update soon. Battery is god awful now and it's slow as hell on wifi. Verizon please release an update soon!

Re: LG G3 like a 10 year old phone after Lollipop upgrade.
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For all affected parties of the G3 post LP update:

Once you get the notification that the update is available or has already downloaded, BUT has yet to install:

  1. 1.  Stay plugged into charger for the entire process
  2. 2.  Charge to 100% and back up music, photos, files etc...contacts should be saved to Google Account and use Google Drive or Google Photos to back up with as well and apps are saved in a list in your My Apps screen in the Play Store app and online using the desktop page.
  3. 3.  DISABLE Google backup and restore of apps and app data in your Backup and Reset tab in your phone's main settings screen.
  4. 4.  Factory Reset the phone
  5. 5.  Download and/or Install update from notification bar (may have to manually check for update in About Phone/System Update to kick start it) at next boot/power on after skipping set up if possible
  6. 6.  Phone will reboot after installation.  Factory reset one more time as soon as possible before setting up the phone (you may have to press the back button a few times to escape the set up screen, or you may be able to skip it.  Just go back to the Backup and Reset tab and FDR again.
  7. 7.  Unplug from charger at 100% recharged
  8. 8.  Set up your phone however you like to include apps from your My Apps screen in either the Play Store App or from the PC webpage version
  9. 9.  Leave phone on until it powers off
  10. 10.  Leave off and recharge to 100%

This is my usual process and I have had no issues.

The reasons for disabling app data is due to the fact that DAVLIK is now ART and the Android Optimization process might not go as planned if you just slap the new OS over the old OS.  Also, when you go back to the Play Store to download apps, they will be the correct version this time for this OS. 

Lastly, to quell the wifi connection issues download DNSet from the Google Play Store.