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LG G3 manufacturing defect on headphone jack

I’m having a problem with the 3.5 mm TRRS headphone jack on my less than one  year old LG G3 coming loose. Over the past three months or so, the “detent” that holds the headphone plug has become progressively weaker. Now the jack will not consistently stay in. It looks like it’s a manufacturing defect as the jack should be rated for more than 500 insertions (about 8 months x twice a day).

Are others who use the headphone jack having issues with it? Any suggestions on getting this item repaired under warranty?

I called Verizon about the warranty on this issue and they were extremely unhelpful. Depending on the rep I spoke with it appears that the phone jack hardware is not covered by the warranty as users plug and unplug headphones into it and thus any damage is due to the owner, or if there is any wear & tear anywhere on the phone (e.g., scratches or signs of use) the warranty is no long valid – even if it has nothing to do with the part that is defective.  The rep agreed with my analogy, “it's like if the cup holder on your car is broken, the entire car’s warranty is voided”. 

Based on my experience with Verizon in trying to get this issue resolved and the two reps I’ve spoken with, I’m unlikely to recommend Verizon to friends or co-workers (NPS=0). 

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Re: LG G3 manufacturing defect on headphone jack
Customer Support


Let's roll up our sleeves on this one to get this loose connection restored. We value you as a customer & want for you to have stellar service. I am sending you a Direct Message to you so we can gather more details on this issue. Please respond back to me in the Direct Message to continue.

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