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LG G3 wifi issues, battery drains fast.

I downloaded lollipop for my LG G3 a week ago. I have only owned the phone for about 3 weeks now. Ever since that update, my battery has been draining fast, and at home where I use wifi, it says the connection is excellent but when I go to check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, snapchat, and my email, it takes forever for everything to load, especially pictures. Mobile data works great, it is actually faster than the wifi after the update, but I only get 2 GB a month. I already tried factory resetting the phone after the update, but it just made things worse. Any way to fix these issues? Thanks.

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Re: LG G3 wifi issues, battery drains fast.

I'm having similar issues. My phone won't receive any notifications when I have my WiFi on  from such apps as hangouts, instagram, snapchat, ESPN...just to name a few... But as soon as I turn my WiFi off I get all the notifications

Re: LG G3 wifi issues, battery drains fast.
Sr. Member

Hard to know if ALL people are having the same problems. Did you Google it?

Generally when a phone post-update has bizzare behavior, the cache is messed up, and possibly the phone needs to be reset. Updates - specially big ones that go to a new version of Android often necessitate a factory data reset. This can be inconvenient for you because you'll have to backup personal files, and you'll have to set your device back up from scratch.

However, first, you might try making sure you have notifications turned on (I presume you are talking about on the lock screen), but then toggling your notifications for each of these apps to OFF (Settings
Apps, then find them in the list one by one). Turn notifications for them off. Power cycle your device. Now set them back to on for these apps. Does this work?

Second, if that didn't work, on your G3, I think there is a way for you to perform a system cache clear. You might try that. Power off your device and power it back on. Make sure notifications are enabled, and also enabled for the apps you are having problems with. Do the notifications work?

Then, third, if that doesn't work, you back up all your personal files, write down your settings for email, make sure you have your username and passwords handy for email and other apps, and you perform a Factory Data Reset which will wipe your phone, so you'll have to restore those personal files, and set your apps back up. Set up notifications again. Do they work?

I've tried to provide you some ideas on how I'd approach the problem. YMMV. Research it and see if others have found a solution that doesn't involve a FDR, which will be a lot of work, but is sort of the last resort.

Good luck.

Re: LG G3 wifi issues, battery drains fast.
Customer Support
I know its frustrating to have so many issues after an update JohnL96 but we are here to help. the factory reset will take care of most of your minor issues. If mobile data is working great when you're not connected to wifi, the issue may be with your home internet service. Have you made any changes to your home internet service recently. Are you having any issues with any of your applications? What other issues are you having with your phone?

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Re: LG G3 wifi issues, battery drains fast.

reset does no good.  nor safe mode.  T Mobil came out with a fix listing all of these issues which they admit were bugs in the software.  It is not the network...I have done all of these and my screen times out (1 minute), before a website will load.  and battery drains, and we wait. for a patch.