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LG G8X Dual Screen

I would like to know why Verizon dropped the ball by not offering this phone? Verizon carries the LG phones and yet the best phone to come out and you do not offer it, that is very sad... I have been with Verizon for many years, but thinking very much about switching to AT&T!!! Come on Verizon, don't let us down!!! 

Re: LG G8X Dual Screen

Hey Verizon, still waiting for an answer, but I guess not answering the question tells me a lot. All these great phones on the market and you can't seem to offer very many of them. If you are paying attention at all, AT&T is starting to pass you by with just as much coverage and better prices, plus better phones... You people at Verizon are losing ground faster and faster each day and appears you don't even care. Well, probably enough said... Time to switch to AT&T to get great coverage, prices and phones. Thanks for nothing, an loyal customer you are going to lose!!!