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LG3 Lollipop is a sour taste for honest people

I have been on the phone, chat, and in the store at Verizon for 100's of hours, spent an entire 8 hour day in the store trying to get the LG3 to work, after several attempts they came to conclusion that it was the lollipop software.  I have had to do a factory reset on my phone 2 times, then they sent me a new phone. My wife had the exact same issue only after the lollipop update came out.  We have called and called and to no avail, everyone points the finger to someone else.

I would like to say that though the service is good when you talk on the phone, the service when something goes wrong is horrible.  I am starting to regret transferring from AT&T and looking to go back but now have found out that my cancelation fee is nearly 1000.00 on two phones that do not even work.  We are spending 200.00+ a month to have two phones we can not even use half the time.

Verizon has no answers other than keep sending the same phone with the same issues over and over again.. FYI look at the board, read the internet .. not a disgruntled customer, my bill is always paid on time- pissed off because I simple asked for a different phone or even a flip phone that works and the answer is NO you have to keep fighting LG3 all the time...

AT&T im sorry the grass wasn't greener on this side of the fence.... I feel like I am getting robbed every single month I have to pay this bill.


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Re: LG3 Lollipop is a sour taste for honest people
Customer Support


I'm saddened reading this is how you are feeling about your switch over to us, and this is certainly not how we want you to feel about your phone or being part of our family. We can relate to how importan it is to be able to use your devices as well as how valuable your time is to you. it shouldn't take several attempts for a resolution.

Let's work on getting you the answers you deserve. What exactly are the phones doing or not doing? We are here to help you out.

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Re: LG3 Lollipop is a sour taste for honest people

after the lollipop install they have been shutting down,. stealing data when we have been on wifi, draining the battery, taking to playstore when we didn’t want to go to play store, the mic hasn’t been working not being able to make calls and or receive calls .. I have called time and time again about this and keep getting same answer… factory rest or we will send you new refurbished lg3 … guess what those don’t work either.. it’s a piece of junk. LG isnt much help either.. my best friend has samasung not 4 and hasn’t had a single problem .. its lg issue with verizon pghones on lollipop.. ugh how hard would it be to just send different phones … after all we have been through we really don’t care anymore. but we will never buy lg phones or verizon again .. this is terrible