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Lost battery life, overheating, and overall problems - LG G4

I see that several people have had the same issue with battery life since the update went through, but I am wondering if anyone is experiencing an overheating phone as well. Even when not in use my phone is hot to the touch, and that would be concern enough if the battery wasn't depleting faster than my old phone. I unplugged with a full charge at 6:50AM this morning and by 8:13AM, the battery was down to 69%; that was with no use other than checking the weather on the screen widget.

I have had nothing but problems with this phone since my two week window to return ended, and I am honestly getting fed up. There is little I can do, however, as I cannot afford to buy the phone outright in order o replace it and I do not currently have to money to utilize my insurance for a new phone (if I can even do that?). It drops calls when I have full service and 4G, it dials contacts other than the contact I have chosen, it doesn't alert me to new texts or voicemails, and sometimes it doesn't even allow texts from other people through to my phone. Along side those issues, it also has issues every other month with chewing through my data; one month I barely hit 75%, the next I'm shutting my mobile data off to avoid going over. I was previously on a 3GB phone plan that was split between three people, and now I am on a 3GB plan on my own. I should not be using more data with the same amount of use than three people used before.

I do not know if there is anything I can do aside from complain in the forums and/or in person at this point, because I am limited in what cell phone service I can get where I live. Unfortunately for me, Verizon is the only viable option.

Finally: As I finish this up at 9:15AM, I have had to shut my phone down as it has reached 40% battery life with no use.

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