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My mp3s randomly turn to blanks !!! help me

When I listen to my mp3s on my LG G3 phone, music files randomly become blank...

After upload the files will play for few days then if the "powers" chose it, it turns to a silent mp3 file forever. It still retains the song length. Its as if something just muted the whole song. I opened those affected files in soundForge and there was no wave form what so ever. just a silent mp3

It's really frustrating to keep uploading songs that are already on the phone and hope that the next time you hit play all your music will play.

I don't know how to troubleshoot this, since it hits randomly .

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Re: My mp3s randomly turn to blanks !!! help me
Sr. Leader

Are you saving to SD or internal storage?  Perhaps use a different transfer program.

Re: My mp3s randomly turn to blanks !!! help me
Sr. Leader

If you have tried it,  you might Try using Google Play Music that is the source I use..