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Phone shutoff

My phone continuously shuts off. When I take the battery out and then put it back in, the phone will stay on the Verizon screen or freeze on my homepage, then it will continuously repeat the same process, not allowing me to access anything on my phone.

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Re: Phone shutoff

Another G4 bites the dust, the dreaded "infinite bootloop." Happened to me yesterday and lost almost every picture of my month old I'm trying every possible data recovery option. If you wanna see if your serial is part of the "messed up" batch,  pop the battery and see if your serial begins with "504" up to "508" (I've seen phones with serials beginning in "6" fail, so no guarantees). If your serial begins in the low 500s then you've got a bad phone with the faulty motherboard. Hate to say it but your phone is DOA, best you can do is try to recover the data off it and hopefully wipe the data of you wanna send it in for repair as LG has owned up to this and has stated it will repair phones still under warranty.  I'm not gonna get into details about the nature of the problem (sloppy assembly, more or less).  Seems like this has started happening to G4s at an alarming pace since the beginning of the year.  I would get ahold of LG to repair instead of exchanging with the carrier as it seems people are getting replacements which are older than the phone that fried, and the replacement fries. Some have gone through three of these. It's sickening that Verizon keeps pushing this phone, knowing that odds of the phone bricking itself are very high.

Message me if you want some links for data recovery solutions (DIY stuff).