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Does Verizon have a warranty available where you don't have to pay a deductible?

I'm pretty upset. I bought our phones a year ago next month. They were well taken care of and not a scratch on them. And then it happened. My husband dropped his and mine was ran over. I pay $10 a month per phone for insurance. So I have now paid $220 in insurance, and still have to pay a $180 deductible per phone to have them fixed. If I had known that, I wouldn't have even bothered with the insurance. I could have just put that money aside as my own insurance and bought 2 new phones for that price.  What really upsets me is that when I bought the phones I explained my husband is a mechanic and we have 2 small children at home. It's almost inevitable that our phones would break, so I made sure I had the best insurance you could get and the rep told me "Yes, it's the best, and you can get 2 FREE phones per month per line." That was an obvious lie as they are NOT free. It's almost a better deal to switch carriers and pay the ETF. I would not be as upset if this had been disclosed when I purchased the phones and insurance, but I was lied to in order to make a sale, and that's not okay. Between this and the hidden fees Verizon is charging me (Nearly $200 a month for 2 phones and 3 gb shared data) I can save money by actually switching carriers. 

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Re: Warranty?
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Tori2404 wrote:

Does Verizon have a warranty available where you don't have to pay a deductible?

No.  A deductible is standard procedure, just like insurance on a car or health/medical insurance.  The terms of agreement are included with all insurance programs.