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What is the best way do a hard factory reset?

Since going to 5.0.1, I have any number of issues that others here have experienced, but what's really irking me, week in and week out, is the Google Play Store just spins its wheels.  I can reboot the phone and then clear all data and the cache, do a Force Stop, and try again.  That method works some of the time, but not all of it.  The other symptom is that apps take forever to update.

Much as I feel it shouldn't be necessary, I am at such a point of frustration with this phone that I want to try a hard factory reset.   Two questions:

1.  What is the best way to do a hard factory reset?

2.  What will I lose with a hard factory reset?

Under "Backup & reset", I do have "Back up my data" and "Automatic restore" checked.  The Backup account is my Google account.  I have done a factor reset before with a Nexus 7 but am not sure what awaits me here.

Thanks for any help or advice.


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Re: What is the best way do a hard factory reset?
Customer Support

I'm sorry to learn of the multiple issues you are experiencing after the latest software update techvet1. I know the best way to do a factory reset on your phone, please click on this link for step by step instructions to a factory reset. You will also find links about the best way to backup your information and media files. I recommend disabling the Automatic Restore option as doing this will prevent third party applications from automatically installing, and if the issues are associated with a third party app you dont want to have apps automatically installing right after reset. Keep us posted of performance after reset.

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Re: What is the best way do a hard factory reset?

Thanks for the information.

The battery usage problem is interesting because on my system, the four biggest users are:

* Screen

* Android System

* Android OS

* Google Play Services

I have to charge this phone *all* the time and it drains during the day without my use of YouTube videos or Netflix.

I "get" what you're saying about not doing Automatic Restore, but installing one app per day ("Is it this app causing me trouble"?) would require weeks/months of troubleshooting and going without apps.  It's not like phone crashes so I could narrow down the issue by noting when the phone crashes.  I guess what I am hoping is that installing the apps on top of Android 5.0.1 will make a difference vs the upgrade taking place on top of Android 4.4 and the existing apps.

Any information on if and when Android 5.1 is coming out for this phone would be welcome.  

Re: What is the best way do a hard factory reset?
Sr. Member

The rumor on the internet is that the G3 will go straight to Android M.

I'll believe it when i see it.

Re: What is the best way do a hard factory reset?
Sr. Leader

Same for G2.