LTE Home Internet not offered but I have Verizon phone

How is it that 3rd party companies can offer me wireless internet  at my location and tell me they are going to use Verizon towers because there are several fairly close to me,  


I have verizon cell that works at the location


I have wireless HOME PHONE (which works off your small router box the new 5g one)


I have a straight talk hotspot that works great at the location (that is probably using the phone towers too)

Yet you refuse to send me the LTE or 5g box (I'd be fine being on a LTE plan) so I can have reasonable priced


Seems like another way to keep internet from households it's obvious if a 3rd party can do it using your towers that you could do it as well but you won't let me order the device using the address you deem "unserviceable" make it make sense

Re: LTE Home Internet not offered but I have Verizon phone
Customer Service Rep

Hi, amberlinatt. We know how important is to keep you connected with the fastest and most reliable home internet solutions. You can check on more updates about the availability of the service using the following link: We'd love to provide you more and personalized assistance regarding the availability in your area. Please, don't hesitate to contact us through our official channels in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.