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Hey everyone,

Apparently I live in a black hole. We have very little cellular signal and Century Link. I hate Century Link or "Brightspeed" with a passion and will do anything to cancel their service. I have the Verizon Gateway (the cube one) and pretty sure its LTE and not 5G. I have noticed that over the winter, I seem to get pretty steady 10 -30 meg download speeds, but when the leaves start coming back, I get 3 meg to nothing at all.

I got a cellular signal booster from Wilson and when it was off, I was getting the 10-30 meg download speeds, but when I plugged in the booster, it went to about 3-5 meg, but I had full signal. I figured that wasn't working so I sent it back.

What would be my best option to use that gateway to my full potential? Cut down trees or get a cell booster? If a booster would fix it, then what is the best one to use? I will do almost anything to get away from Century Link or "Brightspeed".

Technically my area is not allowing for the gateway to be used, but I did a lot of research and a guy at the Verizon store said I could try the system, but I had to buy the modem. I am able to make phone calls and text using cell signal, but only certain places in the house.