Paper-free billing warning letters won't stop for LTE Home Internet account
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I have called and/or chatted with Verizon support at least 3 times about this issue already,

but it still has not been resolved.  I continuously receive letters in the mail from Verizon,

warning that the paper reminder (stating my monthly amount that is due) is being sent

"as we were unable to reach you digitally".


The problem is that the phone number in the letter, which Verizon is trying to use to send

text messages to, is the LTE Home Internet gateway's phone number, not my personal

cell phone number.  If I try to log into my Verizon account and change this under

Communications - Alert Preferences, there is not other option allowed except for

the SMS option with the LTE gateway's phone number. 


Verizon support keeps telling me that this won't cause my paper-free billing credit to

be lost, but the letter itself explicitly states that "If your alert preferences are not updated and

we continue to send a paper reminder, your account will be de-enrolled from paper-free billing

and any related discounts may be lost."


Why can't this be properly fixed?????

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Thanks for contacting Verizon. I am going to send you a Private message, so I can help you.