Verizon not honoring their promotional offer
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On March 17, 2023 I received a text from Verizon that "as a valued customer" I qualify for 12 months of LTE Internet for free.  I responded on March 28 by calling the number in the text message and the guy I spoke with said that I did qualify and he would get that set up.  I received the device, plugged it in and got it started, happy with the speed.

I now review my bill and see where I was charged in both April and May $60 a month for the LTE service - so I'm in for over $100 (plus taxes and fees) total now.  I never consented to this charge and was told by the agent that it would be free for 12 months.  I should have known better.  TRUST - when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.   Well, I can now confirm it's a trap.  Don't be fooled by the valued customer line.

I call the customer service, well the call center, because it's not Verizon you're talking to, spent an hour and a half going in circles explaining several times that I am not paying for something that was offered under a promotional credit only to be told that they cannot offer a refund for the two months because of "too much usage on the line" and "we apologize on behalf of the company."     Wait, what?  What does that even mean?  They try to play word games and say it's not a promotion, but an offer and the person you signed up with should have explained that...  Again, what does that even mean Verizon?  I GOT A TEXT MESSAGE FROM VERIZON STATING FREE FOR 12 MONTHS.  

I have been a customer of Verizon's for more than 20 years but I now find them to be untrustworthy and the kings of bait and switch.  I will be shopping for a new carrier.  I have ZERO time for games and can no longer trust them. 

Re: Verizon not honoring their promotional offer
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We definitely want to take a look at this promotion and ensure that you get what you were offered. Please look for our private note to continue. ~Peter