Verizon not keeping up with it's customers. Very slow data today, where it was reasonable yesterday.
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ALSO:  'topic' selector:  Can you believe, there is NO TOPIC selection for Cellular networks (LTE (slash) 5G or otherwise). 
So, I had to choose "LTE Home Internet" even though I'm accessing off premise verizon towers from a mobile device.
I thought that was Verizon's biggest product, or at least the technology on which the majority of their revenue depends.  Ridiculous the category with the most problems isn't even a category.

Need more capacity.
and here:
  45.159, -84.930

and I expect many places.
At first location I had 58/3 Mbps yesterday (July 3).
Today, same weather, same location, about noon, it's  1/.03 Mbps.  
When I say same location, I do mean standing in the exact same place, or even better, standing on my roof: still can't get usable data rates.
Just a couple hours ago had 29/4.

I'm certain it's congestion.  It's the 4th of July.  There are lots of inland lakes in the area.  Certainly a few more people.

At second location:   Same thing:  Boyne Mtn held a large event drawing hundreds more people than typical.
We weren't involved with the event, but needed working networks none the less.  Data services were absolutely useless.

Sadly, if you call customer support, they know nothing, and I do mean NOTHING about current network conditions.  They pretend everything is just a typical day.  Have no access to real-time network data.
From personal experience:  I did call customer service during the near complete outage at Boyne Mtn earlier this year.  As such, I'm writing here, as I know it's absolutely pointless for me to call customer service about performance.
p.s.  for the Web developers:    every hear of escaping input for database safety(question-mark)  Apparently not.  Instead, just prohibit use of helpful characters like slashes, question marks, semi-colons and hash signs.
This is just lazy.  BTW, the heading of the 'create new post' button is actually 'ask a question', seems you ought to support posting a question-mark.

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