Why do we have bad connections on all devices the same days of each month like clockwork?
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I've tried to communicate  with support about this SEVERAL TIMES. I'm writing here to ask if anyone else has this issue.  Each month, at the beginning of my billing cycle our 4g lte refuses to connect to the interent.  No amount of rebooting helps.  Our prepaid Verizon phones also can't connect to the internet.  When I've tried to use the troubleshooting page in my account  it is impossible to bring up the page and if  it finally loads, it says there is an error. When I've been able to connect to chat I'm told there's no problem  in my area.   And here's the thing.  I can't get on this webpage right here, right now without using a VPN.  Why can I connect ok with a VPN? Why do I need to hide to get a connection? I sent a message to support  yet again today but it will be the same runaround and probably  in a few days things will be back to normal.  I think I should be able to pay for 3 weeks instead of 4 weeks each month.   Again, my reason for posting is to find out if anyone else has this problem and if anyone can explain why a VPN allows me to connect.   Thanks

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