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Question:Is adding another phone jack as simple as connecting it to one of the other ONT L1 clamps—are all th...”  - jhuesmann

Spotlight of the Week (Topic or Post)

Post:  IPv6 expanding! FINALLY!” –  MikeV

Post:  G3100 extremely high pings inside LAN, fast/normal to external destinations” –  Smith6612

Post:  Occasional cable issue with no sound” –  clem53

Post:  Any data on botnets and their correspondence to Verizon's DSL network?” –  Smith6612

Post:  FiOS G3100: Does it support NAS?” –  gs0b

Post:  Connect new phone line to ONT” –  dexman

Post:  Speed test issues” –  gs0b

Post:  E3200 FIOS Extender - ethernet delay” –  Cang_Household

Topic:  How Do I Disconnect Equipment and Reconnect It After Move?

Topic:  IPv6 causing 0Mpbs upload speed

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dexman:   62

clem53:   29

gs0b:   21

Cang_Household:   18

Smith6612:   16


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Thank you so much Smith6612! Congratulations!!!

Best Regards ❤️

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