$200 Gift card from switching from other carrier?

Verizon says "There's nothing we can do" about redeeming your $200 gift cards for switching. I switched 2 lines over from Tmobile. Verizon was offering $200 gift cards per line for switching and I was never notified via email or notifications on Verizon app on redeeming the offer even though they said to check for it. I called and they told me to wait a few weeks and after a few weeks, I contacted support multiple times and got the run around.  Of course they'll respond and act like they want to help but you'll get nowhere. Now mind you I have it on record that I contacted support multiple times within the timeframe and each time I got the runaround until it was too late.  I literally contacted them 5 days after my purchase to get the promo code and got no help. Now my redemption has officially been denied so Verizon doesn't have to pay me $400 worth of gift cards. The fact there are so many people having problems redeeming this offer is no accident. Well now they got me locked in for 3 years but you can be sure that as soon as my contract is up I'm switching.  I will never recommend this company to anyone.

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