$200 door dash gift card/ $300 off verizon soundbar
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  • Hello so i currently have multiple phone lines that are 5g unlimited, and in january. Marcus a verizon rep. Had told me about 5g home internet desl when u switch from another provider snd have an unlimited 5g account so i went ahead and did that and now were in feb18 and the rebate center said i dint qualify that i needed 5g plus ,and thats not what it says on the flyer so apparently i qualified for a $50 gift card no matter all the proof i sent them it dint help i went thru so much trouble to switch just to be let down i would like a reason y  this is going on i been a verizon customer for over 10 years even in july 2022 when i upgraded 2 lines to iphone 12 5g not even the amc promo would not even work up to a year free they kept sending me promo codes dint work over and over and over again u guys are making a killing off me with 4 iphones 2 watch and 2 tablets the least u vsn do is fix this .  [email address removed per the Verizon Terms of Service]
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