200 rebate jokes

Changed to Verizon
old numbers supposed to be ported from boost 

Verizon sales rep I ordered phones and lines through added the old  numbers wrong by 1  single number in the end I had to except 2 Verizon numbers as couldn’t port old ones without physically going to a boost store as the numbers had been messed up in 3 attempts by Verizon all along though was wrong number they was trying to port. All down Verizon sales rep

received update  on $200 rebate per line DENIED!!!

contact Verizon to discuss this was promised by rep it will be sorted I will get you your $200x 2 and we will call you in 4 days which makes your call for the 12th he even promised repromised blahahahahaha no call received no miss calls from Verizon I’m livid. 

someone needs to contact me asap. 

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Customer Service Rep

We're sorry to hear that you had problems porting in from Boost. We'd be happy to help you get everything sorted out. We'll send you a Private Note so we can gather more details.