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I am a long time customer of Verizon. I upgraded three phones back in December 2022 during the Christmas promotions. I have received promotions on only two phones.  The Verizon associate confirmed that all three phones were received by the warehouse (also got email confirmation) and that I would see the $800 credit promotion for the third phone in 1-2 billing cycles. Eight months later, Verizon is telling me the same thing. I have called customer service every month and I am getting the same scripted story. I have escalated the issue and spoke with several business center managers and they "assured" me that the issue will be fixed and they will follow up with a phone call prior to the next billing cycle. Nobody called from Verizon. I had to call them again without any success.  This is very frustrating and I am at the point of cancelling my three lines with Verizon.

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We would hate to lose your preference, and are so sorry to hear about your experience with our trade-in promotions. We would be happy to take a closer look at your account and help find a lasting solution. To better assist, we'll be sending a Private Note.