NFL Sunday Ticket - No Activation Email - No Activation Notification - No Call Back From Customer Service
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I moved to Verizon from T-Mobile  last month specifically to take advantage of this promotion.  I did everything I was supposed to do but Verizon has failed me at every turn so far. I missed the first week of the NFL because of their ineptitude.

  • New Customer.
  • Traded In Old Phone.
  • Bought New Expensive Phone.
  • Paid For Unlimited Plus Plan.

After spending an hour at the local Verizon store (who couldn't help me) and another hour on the phone with Verizon customer service, I  STILL have not yet received an activation email or activation notification in the Verizon app. I was told a "ticket" had been created and "escalated". That was almost a week ago.

The customer care agent promised a call back yesterday at 4:00 PM with an update on my status, but that didn't happen.  I'm a pretty reasonable guy but this is beyond frustrating. What gives? Am I going to miss week 2?

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, TS51, I'm sorry to hear you haven't been able to activate the Sunday Ticket offer. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Note.


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We signed up for home internet and were supposed to receive a free subscription to NFL Sunday ticket. I never received the sign up email and I've called Verizon 3 times now and they keep saying they've escalated the issue and I should receive the email. I just called again today and they said within 3-5 days I would receive the email. I'm now going to miss the first two weeks of the subscription due to Verizons incompetence. If this isn't resolved immediately I'm canceling my internet as well as the 4 other phone lines I have with them!