NFL Sunday Ticket

The NFL Sunday Ticket offer through Verizon is a BAIT AND SWITCH, plain and simple.  I was told a month ago I qualified for the offer if I upgraded my phone.  I traded in my phone for an upgrade.  I received the phone, but still no Sunday ticket redemption.  I have called customer service repeatedly over the last several weeks.  I tried online chats.  Every customer service person promised to send in an "expedited ticket" for me to receive the email or some kind of notification link to redeem the service.  As of today, 2 days before NFL Sunday football begins, still nothing.  When I called today, I spent 1 hour and 14 min on the phone whereby the representative claimed the previous representatives I spoke to over the last several weeks never submitted anything on this matter - which I think is not true and Verizon complaining incompetence is not a great excuse.  So again, today, I was told that I should receive something in 5 days - well, that's of course too late. NFL SUNDAY TICKET THROUGH VERIZON IS A BAIT AND SWITCH!  I was told I qualified for a service if I upgraded my phone, which I did and now they are not holding up their end of the bargain and won't even compensate me for the cost of the NFL Sunday Ticket so I can get it elsewhere. I did not need to get a new phone, but the offer was something I was deceived into doing.  I have been a customer of Verizon since 1997, for the first time, I'm seriously considering moving my business. This is an embarrassment to them and I feel sorry for the customer service people who have to represent them.

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