New phone with forced to up grade

My husband went to purchase a new phone today .His current was too old for rebate,fine .We are currently on a 4g plan with 3 phones. He was told not only would the new phone have to be 5G , but that he would have up grade all phones to  a 5 G service plus add on a 4th phone with 5G service if he wanted to get his phone for free. In the mean time our cost is 35 dollars per phone per month for 5g service our month cost will go to 200 dollars per month x36 months .I tried to reach Verizon as this seamed very unreasonable to me I was put on hold for almost an hour then was disconnected . I am going back to store tomorrow not only to take back phone but cancel our plan entirely and notify my state attorney generals office . 

Re: New phone with forced to up grade
Customer Service Rep


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. This is absolutely not the experience our customers should have to deal with, and when looking into possible promotions for a customer, they should absolutely be worked with to get all the details ahead of time to a proper decision can be made.*Matthew