Pro on the Go is Not A Go, Bye Verizon
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I have been a customer of Verizon almost since their conception in the late 90's when GTE merged with Bell Atlantic and I am ready to jump off the Verizon ship. Done! Last Monday I ordered a new iPhone 15 Pro, trading in my 13. At the end of the order, it was defaulting and pushing me to use the new promotion/program Pro on the Go. Someone from Assurion comes to your home with your new phone and sets it up. Ok, I don't need that but hey...let's go pro. So delivery was supposed to happen Tuesday between 1-3 pm. At 1:30 I get a call from the guy who is driving over from Chicago with another guy to set up my phone. And only my phone. Seriously, a 4-hour-plus round trip for 2 guys to set up a phone. What a waste of time, money, gas, and a drag on the climate. This is insane! I canceled and told them to turn around, thankfully they weren't out of the city yet. About 2 hours later I got an email saying the order was canceled and nothing was charged to my account, but it was. So now I get on the phone with Verizon CS. I was on the phone for almost an hour with 3 different people. The first guy had no clue what I was referring to about Pro on the Go and put me on hold while he read up on it. Way to go, Verizon on a smooth rollout of a new program. The kicker was he didn't see it had been canceled and wasn't seeing that email of cancellation either. So now I am thinking I am getting ripped off, not from Verizon, but from someone else. But it is all legit which doesn't make it any better for Verizon. The second guy I got transferred to had ZERO compassion or empathy so I escalated the call to a supervisor, and he told me he was it, the end of the line. No, it isn't, sir, pass me on to your supervisor. So now I am talking with a woman who handled the call much better. BUT,  I was astounded to hear from her that this is a 3rd party program and they don't have much to do with it. You do now I told her, with a laugh. Seriously, Verizon, if you are choosing third parties to have promotions with, you own it and it has everything to do with you. What a terribly flawed program and launch. Finally, my money was credited back to my account and I am now looking at T Mobile to switch my phone, Ipad & watch over. Bye, Verizon. Done! Over! Kaput!