Promotion for NFL Sunday Ticket
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I switched my home internet from Spectrum to Verizon specifically in response to their promotion of:  "get #NFL Sunday Ticket from YouTube TV on us."   I did that back on August 6th - and since then have spent many hours either in a store, on  the phone, or using the chat with us - and every time they assure me I will receive an email within two to three days with instructions.  And now here we are - first Sunday - and still I don't have NFL Sunday Ticket.   So tomorrow I will be not only going through the painful and expensive process of switching my home internet back to Spectrum, but I will be switching my wireless to another carrier to.  It is a trust issue now, especially since I keep getting other promotional offers from Verizon.  What a joke.  Verizon is clearly in the bait and switch game with their promotions.  Since today I will have to purchase NFL Sunday Ticket from YouTube TV for $400 - despite already paying Verizon all of their activation fees to switch over with the assurance that I would save.  Lesson learned.   Now I will advise any one in my friend group and work group and strangers I meet on the street to never trust anything Verizon says...  

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