Sunday Ticket Promotion

I too have been going thru this very issue. I called multiple times and been told I would get a call back from a manager in 24 to 48 hrs and that was Labor Day 9/4 and we are 9/9 with no call back. I even called back again on 9/8 and sat on hold for over an hour being periodically told “thank you for your patience I’m working on it” only to be told about the  $100 off promo you can find off on their website. Seriously this individual could have told me that in the first 5 minutes of our conversation the information I had already found myself.  What a lack of respect for their customers time, feels as though it’s a tactic of make them wait until they are frustrated and just want to get off the phone. I have been a loyal customer have 6 lines with them on this account as well as a Gizmo Gadget line and I feel very deceived by the lack of understanding by the sales rep that told me that all I had to do was upgrade a phone line ( no mention of it needing to be a Samsung device by rep ) and upgrade service package to a Plus Plan and here I sit still waiting for a follow up call…… As I’ve stated before……. LISTEN TO THE RECORDINGS YOU SUBJECT US TO ON EVERY CALL

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