Upgraded phones, but there was one phone that had strings attached, I guess
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I traded in 4 phones last month.  During one of the trade ins, a pop up shows up and asks if I would like to upgrade the plan to 5G Get more for $20.  I clicked yes, because I thought it was a good deal.  This month, I changed my mind and went to 5G Start, still an upgrade in plan, and I received an email that I was no longer going to receive a discount on the phone trade in.  The other phones didn't require an upgrade (upgraded literally minutes before and one after).  Now, speaking to a customer service rep, he cannot change it.  I have to keep the 5G Get More plan in order to get my TRADE IN credits.   In essence, Verizon has chosen to finagle $20/mo more out of us instead of helping with our needs.  This is the second time Verizon has done something like this to us- did not keep their side of the agreement on the trade-ins when we came over from AT&T 15 years ago.  So, when we are done paying for these phones, we are out.  I've had enough.  That is the beauty of capitalism- the business screws over the customer, the customer walks away.  It's disappointing how short sighted some of these businesses can get.