Where's my echo show redemption?
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I was told when I signed up on 12/13/2022, and this includes a new phone, two iPads with data, a watch, and 5g internet switching over from AT&T that I'd receive an email with a link to redeem a free echo show. The Verizon website at that time also showed that this promotion was currently active. I have not received an email, link, and it is not showing up in my "for you, on us" section of my account. Did I get hosed? How do I actually get this thing?

Re: Where's my echo show redemption?
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same here... the tile referencing the free amazon echo show appeared on my account under add-ons - however, when it got close to the date I could redeem, the tile dissapeared... i've been on the phone with Verizon Wireless customer service for 2 days nows and they can't figure out how to allow me to redeem the amazon echo show.. unbelievable.