For a very concerned customer, for me and others like me. I hope this reach Corporate Office.

Friday, September 01,  2023

Hi, my name is  Ms. M. Burnett,

I have been a Verizon customer for over 30 + years.  Yes, I am a senior.  This is not the Verizon  I have grown to known and love all these years. Things are changing for good and others for bad.   I am a customer of Verizon Home and Verizon Wireless. I live in area where I only can DSL, I prefer to have Fios. 

Although, I have DSL and Wireless from Verizon.  I am unable to get enrolled into the Mobile + Home package deal, or discount; because of my DSL package in my area.  Which is not your customers fault.  You also doesn't give my area of DC, the senior 55+ discounts for longtime senior customers of Verizon.  Although I love your Verizon services.  There has been times in my long time commended relationship I have with your company.  I thought I should have tried other new services that offer better deals for seniors and long time customers like myself and others.  Your sonority customers are being left behind, and not just your age of season customers.   I am also speaking on the youth long time customers as well.

Over the 30+ years, I often wanted to change services.  I stayed true to your company, and I all I ask for is honor and respect back goes a long way.  The thirty years of service is having me to speak-out,not just for me, for others as well.


Long story short please allow us to receive our rightful owe discounts. Help us with DSL get the rights to discounts like the FIO's side. Help the  seniors with their rightful deserving discounts, because they are on fixed incomes. Last but not least, your longe time customers young and old.  The young will flee faster than the old but rest a shore the seniors are right behind them.

Very Concern Customer,

M. Burnett

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Community Leader
Community Leader

I am not saying this is 100% of the case, but sometimes for regions with exclusive DSL service, the property owners of where VZ field equipment is located and needs upgrading or replacements are refusing to grant easement access to Verizon.

In areas like this, VZ cannot upgrade the field equipment to support Fios, and the rest of your story ensues.

I have been hearing stories about certain town boards or utility authorities signing no-competition (in other words monopoly) agreements with a particular  ISP, so no other ISPs get the right of way except the one they agreed with. In exchange, the beneficiary pays back a certain amount to the town or the authority (called revenue-sharing).

I recommend you to contact your town or relevant local authorities on this dated infrastructure issue. I believe it affects multiple residencies.


Saturday, September 02,  2023


If I understand you correctly. You're saying this problem is bigger than you and I. Perhaps this is the Mayor's problem in the Washington DC location concern.  

Still, we need to come together to work on a solution for a common cause for both of us. Something or someone needs to do something about this situation. As long as this continues we are suffering in the middle. We as people only want what everyone else has such as FIO's, and the discounts that come with it. 

Surely,  we can reach out to each other to make it work. Example "We the people, for the people, by the people in order to stand together to form a more perfect union."  If you can help us we so appreciate it.  If you can teach us how, or show us how to help us is sufficient. So that we can resolve the problems that we are having here with the network. All I know this problem has been going on for 30+ years in this area. We all really need to come to a solution of some sort.

In closing,

M. Burnett,