M+H discount no longer applies to Fios!?
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I just spent over 3 hours trying to get an answer as to why my M+H Fios discount stopped showing up on my bill.  I've been a M+H/Verizon customer for years, and just moved homes.  I noticed that while my wireless bill still has the discount, my Fios bill didn't - even though nothing about my plans had changed except my location.  I was told by 3 different people that I was part of the older M+H program, earning at Level 3 (the highest level) and earning a discount on both my wireless and Fios bill.  

When I was lastly connected with someone, after wireless once again confirmed I was enrolled, on the Fios team who told me I wasn't showing up as enrolled on their end and needed to cancel my enrollment, then re-enroll.  I explicitly said I didn't want to do this, because from the management page it clearly said I was part of an older program, and updating to the new program I would only get a wireless discount.  I was reassured by this employee - AND THEIR SUPERVISOR - that they would adjust the discount internally if it didn't show up because I was correct it was a discount I should've been receiving.  

Well.  Go figure.  Once I unenrolled and then re-enrolled, I was told that the discount didn't apply.  That M+H rewards didn't apply to Fios any longer, and because I had moved, I was unenrolled.  But everyone is "very sorry for the inconvenience."  This is an clear and explicit example of an employee purposely misleading a customer -  and if it is new policy, than employees should be educated instead of making reassurances to customers they can't actually provide and wasting a customer's time.  

Check your bills everyone.  $10/month adds up in this economy.

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