Data slowness, apps blocked, network management not ending

I changed from a 8GB plan to basic unlimited a year ago.  For the first 6 months it was fine, but the last few months have been slow data or some apps are blocked and won't load at all. Everything is loading and fast on Wi-Fi. Verizon says I am under "network management" but this latest one has been for over 2 weeks straight. They say it is temporary until the usage is reduced, but it's never going down. If the "network management" and congestion is lasting for this long, then maybe it's not going to reduce, but only go higher from new customers, but maybe it's the new normal and Verizon needs to install new towers or upgrade to handle more people and more data on a regular basis.

Verizon support has only offered for me to upgrade my data plan and pay more, when I feel the problem needs to be addressed by the company, and not just make EVERY customer upgrade so now the higher data plan is the basic one for everyone now.

I live in 84655, but I feel the same bad data happening 50 miles away where I work, so this problem covers over a dozen zip codes all over Central Utah.

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Customer Service Rep

wilyhawk, thanks for the shared details and can help review the area as we do want your data connection to be reliable. We don't want you to upgrade your plan if we can help it. Please send us a private message to further assist. Thank you.


- Alan