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After finally getting a solution to my Trade-In issue, I was shocked to see that I have an $80 one-time trade in adjustment on my previous bill.  This was never mentioned during my discussions with "Joey" - Verizon CSR.  See below discussion with name and account info removed. I sent a private message from which I never received a response from Verizon.  Therefore, I am again posting in the Verizon Community.

Please credit my account for this $80 or I will be contacting the Attorney General's office and the Better Business Bureau to report this activity.






Thank you for reaching out to the Verizon Social Media Team! We appreciate your patience while we connect you with your representative, who will reply in this window. Please confirm your full name and the phone number associated with your account below.

10:21 PM

Thank you for account access! Please confirm your first & last name as it appears on the account. -Joey


10:26 PM

Thanks! Please allow me a few minutes for a review. I will be back with you momentarily. -Joey

10:29 PM

Your patience is greatly appreciated,  & I have good news. Your trade-in credit was successfully added 8/27. There are 5 backdated credits showing($24.31, $24.16, $24.16, $24.16, & $24.16) that will show on your next bill when generated. Everything is in place. Our apologies for prior inconveniences. Please let us know if you have further inquiries. -Joey

10:38 PM

How much is the total credit for the trade in?

10:40 PM

The total credit for the trade-in is $579.99. This will be dispersed over 24 months until completed. -Joey

10:44 PM

Ok. Thank you for the assistance in resolving this matter, it’s just disappointing that it took this long and numerous contacts for the trade in to be applied. But thank you again for the help.

10:47 PM

You're more than welcome. I'm glad this was finally resolved but I'm terribly sorry in the time-frame in which it took. Your voice is important to us, so I'll lift the feedback up, don't worry there. If you need us again, please don't hesitate to reach back out. Thanks for being the best part of Verizon, have a great night! -Joey

10:49 PM

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We are here to support you as necessary please DM US to address your concerns.