Swapping number between two devices


  I've had a few conversations with Verizon between chat and phone conversations and I've been getting mixed messages so I want to try here. 

I have two lines on my account: Phone A and Phone B. 

Phone A is a new line from about 2 months ago that has a promo on it.

Phone B is a line that my employer released to me a few days ago which I added to my account. All I wanted was the phone number but the whole line was transferred which I didn't realize would happen.

I want to swap the phone numbers between Phone A to Phone B. I was told when I got the phone that it would be possible and I could even change my number if I wanted to from the My Verizon app. The lady I spoke with yesterday said it's not possible without paying off the promo on Phone A first because, from how she described it, the devices would switch lines, not the phone numbers, and Phone B is a existing line and therefor doesn't apply for the promo. I asked if I could port the number away from Verizon and then port it back and she said that wouldn't work because it would take between 6 months and a year for it to be considered a new number to Verizon.

What are my options for transferring the numbers between the two lines without worrying about the promo? I thought about using the number transfer form and just filling in my Verizon info for Phone B's account but now I'm worried about the promo on Phone A. I don't want Phone B so in the end that line is going away. All I want is the number.



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