Yet Another Sim Swapping Question
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Hello, suppose I have 3 children on my account: A,B, and C.

A is getting a new phone, so I want to do a "hand-me-down" process where:

B gets A's old phone

C gets B's old phone

C's old phone gets recycled.

Is achieving this just a matter of moving the correct child's SIM card to the desired phone? Thanks

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That can definitely work as long as the phones are at least the same operating system. For example if it's from one iPhone to another it would not be an issue, or one Android to another it should not be an issue. Generally it is best to just switch them out by either contacting us so we can just change it for you by getting the IMEI and ICCID. We can help with those switches here too, please just send us a Private Note, when you area ready to proceed, and we'd be happy to assist, we just recommend not to communicate to us on a device we'd be working on, as to avoid losing a connection with us. I hope this information helps.