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I have been battling with this since the end of 2016!  I purchased a Moto Z online through Verizon.  It was originally $17/ Month but they had a promo that it was free so I purchased the phone.  I checked my bill and I was getting charged the $17 for the phone.  I used the Customer Support Online Chat and had a nice chat and by the end of the convo was told how things were to work.  (Screenshot Below) Clear as MUD I thought, well guess what I am still battling to get this credited and EVERYTIME I get ahold of them I have to begin all over again trying to explain the situation.  I was even told that it's 100% Guaranteed!!  Jesse found the Promo and didn't take anytime at all was a quick chat.  I have called the customer service, sat on the phone for over an hour while they try to FIND the exact promotion to attach to my account, was told they will call me back as I waited forever for this to be resolved.  After not getting a call back went back online and was told that I would see a credit on my next bill which it would take 10 days to process and STILL nothing.  I cannot believe that a company cannot resolve these issues and they drag the customers through this process.  I work for a large company and we resolve the issue ASAP and if we can't we have a product code that we can use to override the issue so we don't drag our customers through the internal processes. I can 100% Guarantee we would lose customers if we drug them through this [removed] and it amazes me that Verizon cannot figure this out.  

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Re: Complaint

Did you purchase the Moto Z Play Droid with device payment agreement on a new line? 

The wording for the free Moto Z Play Droid promotion in 2016 was "New device payment activation required. Upgrades excluded."  I interpreted this as "New Line Required", but tested it just to make sure.

When I selected the device as an upgrade to an existing line, there was no indication that there would be device payment credits.


But when I selected the option to add the device on a new line, it clearly showed the purchase qualified for the credits.


Since I didn't need a new line, I didn't make the purchase.  A few months later Best Buy had a $5.99/month promotion that I took advantage of.

Re: Complaint

I have had many conversations with Customer Service and I have NEVER been told that it was only on a new line.  I recall clearly that when I clicked on her phone to click on UPGRADE as she was still using an old Flip Phone and that is what she wanted again but with seeing the option to get a smartphone for the $0, I Told her that it would cost more as she would be paying for a data plan now and not just the simple flip phone plan.  It showed me all the phone options and there were 2 phones that were being offered for $0 with a new 24 month agreement on the line and I had her pick which one she wanted.  This was after clicking on UPGRADE,  I have the exact conversation with the first Customer Service Rep saying it was 100% guaranteed and how it was going to be handled and the phone would be credited per month.  Still hasn't happened!