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Getting Double Texts on Message+

I am getting all texts twice using Message+. This happened out of the blue, no new apps or settings. I have to MotoZ2 Play Android Version 7.1.1. I have been having another issue for quite some time, but Verison insists on running me through their hooplah (prob hoping i will give up and just claim it through Ashurian). My phone has been shutting off completely, no warning, just off, then when I turn it back on it has little to no battery, no matter where it was before. Verizon insists I do a reset to see if that helps when everything online says they will replace it anyway. The last time they backed up all my stuff and did a factory reset, I lost 12 voicemails from my deceased Grandma I will never get back. I refuse to do this again, but cannot get a working phone in the meantime. Let's see if I can get any help this way!

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Re: Getting Double Texts on Message+
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It is never a pleasant situation when your phone is not working properly, especially for multiple issues and a long period of time. Let's get some details. Are you having any trouble sending texts? Do the other people receive the message twice when you send them? Is there an update to that application in the play store?


I can understand your concern about resetting your device. I assure you your Voicemails are saved on our network and not on your device. They will be transferred back to your device once activated. It is the same process when you get a new phone.


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Re: Getting Double Texts on Message+

Jenelle this was over a year ago so please send them to me. I have called

about and given a case and never called back. As for the other issues... No

updates to be done...


On Sun, Jun 17, 2018, 4:15 PM vzw_customer_support <