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Has Anyone Else Had Problems With Their Motorola Devices?

I am looking for all Verizon Wireless users who have had issues with their Motorola devices that Verizon Wireless has been unwilling to resolve for the ourposes of a class action civil suit. [Removed]

Twice I have received a device from Verizon Wireless that turned out to be, according to all available evidence/research, from defective product lines (The Galaxy Note Edge and now the Motorola Z Force). The Note Edge had issues with it randomly/intermittently powercycling itself), the Z Force appears to have an endemic issue in the product line where the Bluetooth Radio intermittently turns itself off, even while in use (such as on a call, for example), plus I have no network/internet connectivity while on a call. After multiple wasted attempts to have Verizon make this right, I have only been met with fresh extortions. With the Note Edge (a product line so riddled with flaws that Verizon even quit offering it after several months and would not even offer the refurbs for sale - something they have done with every non-defective productline they have carried - plus their tech support reps admitted they were familiar with this issue and there was no apparent fix available, I just had to live with it), their response was to either accept a warranty replacement from the same seemingly defective productline, or pay out of pocket to switch to a different productline. I reluctantly accepted a Motorola Z Force (on monthly payments applied to my bill, so it's still not even paid off). After having my Z Force for a couple weeks, I noticed it, too, appeared to have a defect - the bluetooth radio randomly turns itself off - even when in use. It also began experiencing issues sustaining a connection to the internet (while on a call get a message that the mobile data is unavailable, while not on a call my browser kicks errors that I'm either offline or that the network has changed/connection reset by server. After trying multiple times to get these issues  resolved (to no avail, again their techs asserted they were familiar with the Bluetooth issue and there is no apparent fix, re the network issues all they can say is to make sure HD calling is activated - it is - and that there are no apparent issues in my area), as well as pointing out what I had been told by the tech reps (this time I tried speaking with their 'Executive Corporate Relations Team'), I was again met with the same extortionate choice - either accept a replacement from the same, seemingly flawed (according again to all available research) device, or again pay out of pocket for a different device. I currently have complaints in with the BBB as well as the Indiana State Attorney General's Office, and am looking to find others with these same/similar complaints for the purpose of starting a class action suit against Verizon Wireless for these extortionate practices.

[Removed] detailing your issues/contact info and I will keep you apprised as to the situation, I have a meeting scheduled next week (Thursday, if memory serves) with an attorney to go over these issues in detail, but upon first hearing of my issues last week (Friday), I was told I definitely have a case against Verizon, due in part to their violation of the implied warranty of merchantability.

Thank you,


personal information removed as required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service 

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Re: Has Anyone Else Had Problems With Their Motorola Devices?

First of all, I've had problems with Motorola devices for the past 20 years.... Always have had issues with every one I've ever purchased..... Maybe it's just my luck but I've known more people to have problems with Motorola than any other devices.

Second, you referenced the Galaxy Note Edge which is not a Motorola device-- the Galaxy's are manufactured by Samsung.

Third, I think you may be a bit confused what the purpose of a class-action lawsuit is for or a result of. Even if we were talking about one manufacturer, Motorola-- your issue is with that manufacturer. Verizon Wireless did not make either of these devices and when you are referring to manufacturer issues/features etc. then your issue most certainly lies with said manufacturer(s) and not with the carrier that provides the service for those devices.

And really, they told you that you have a case?! The warranty for any product goes through the manufacturer and is always for the same type of device unless recalled, which makes me question this "lawyer". But I'd love to hear how that goes...

Re: Has Anyone Else Had Problems With Their Motorola Devices?


....This lawyer is sounding as if they are wanting to just charge you for the initial "sit-down" so be fore-warned. Regardless of whether this is something that should even be considered for litigation in the first place (I think this is absolutely a disproportionate, ludicrous response to the issues you describe, btw.....) this is why you should do your research on a manufacturer and/or model of phone PRIOR to purchasing, or at least before the return/exchange period is up-- never afterwords....

Best of luck in going this route, keep us posted (and I can't wait to hear what others think about this response to the issues described)....