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Oreo update altered too much!

I have a Moto Z play phone. This latest update makes the darkest setting for my phone blinding at night even with the "smart" adaption on meant to be able to tell the room is pitch black, doesn't work well.

I have a sleep app i run to slee to; but every other second now when the phone should be black it flashes on and displays nothing but the fact the app is running... With that blindingly bright screen that oddly isn't very dark anymore I am unable to sleep.

I turned on and off screen saver to see if that might fix it. Went into the app itself to disable the display options and yet my screen will still flash on without being promoted. That is currently my main concern with this update, I don't care for the tweaks it made to my menus, my settings, or my phone in general but most are cosmetic and I could live with it IF the dang screen didn't flash when it is meant to be idle and not flashing on and off.

Anyone have a way to fix this?


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Re: Oreo update altered too much!

Figured it out. It's Moto Display meant to be useful to show you notifications, not a fan of it at this time. Certainly with how bright the lowest screen brightness is in a pitch black room.