Unsatisfactory Moto X Rollout

Verizon has put such a bitter taste in my mouth while trying to order the Moto X.

When the phone was released last Thursday, I got online in the morning and went through the entire ordering process (even gave up my precious unlimited data) and selected overnight shipping. Should be done with the order right? Nope.

Log back in on Thursday night because I never received a tracking # and it said that I still had to approve some terms and conditions on the order (which I already did at the beginning), I go ahead and click accept and it then says I now need manager approval.

The next morning (Friday) I call Verizon to see what the status of the order is and wait for about a half an hour before a rep gets on. The rep then proceeds to tell me, very rudely, that the order wasn’t completed because the payment process didn’t go through and that my credit card wasn’t good. This is not the case. I want to get the order processed though because I currently don’t have a working cell phone so I give him another card number.

Also, because it was Friday, a holiday the next Monday and I didn’t have a phone, I asked the rep to add Saturday shipping to the order. We then spent about another half an hour figuring out if Saturday delivery is available for me, he tells me yes and gives me a quote. The rep then tells me the order went through and that I should receive a confirmation in less than 2 hours.

Two hours comes and goes. Nothing.

I call back and wait on hold for another 20 or 30 mins, this time I talk to some girl. (By the way every Rep that I talk to, 5 by the end, tells me to just go to the store and get the phone there. I have to tell them that, while I would love to do that, I can’t because they have not released them in the stores.) She looks at my account and sees the order online (that “didn’t” receive a payment) But as far as she can tell, there was nothing else done with the order.

So who knows what happened to the hour and a half that I spent on the phone with the first guy. The girl asks me for a credit card number to see, if the order will process, it won’t. Finally, I convince her to just charge the phone to my account. That finally works.

However, she informs me that there is no way to add Saturday delivery and that it was put though as two-day (something that I never selected to begin with).  Also, because I was originally expecting the package on Friday or Saturday, I had entered my home address. But since the phone was now going to be delivered almost a week later I needed to change the address to one where I could sign for it. She told me that wasn’t a problem, I gave her a new address and she said it was taken care of.

Finally the order was placed; I had a tracking # and a scheduled delivery of Wednesday, 9/4.

Come Wednesday, I get up and look at the tracking information and it says: “Delivery Exception, Incorrect Address.” I call FedEx and they say that the package is being held an additional day because the change in address came through “late” and that it will “probably” be delivered tomorrow.  I ask if they can hold it at their facility for me to pick up tonight and they say no because there are restrictions from the shipper on that, and that Verizon would have to call and give permission.

I call Verizon, wait again. On a side note, every time I call Verizon, I get a message saying that “we are experiencing a higher than normal volume of calls, wait time may be longer than usual.” If that happens every single time I call, isn’t that normal, not higher than normal?

Anyway, I get on the phone with Verizon and get passed around to 3 different reps and have to tell the whole story every single time. Finally I give up on the third rep. They say they cannot contact FedEx and their reasoning is that they cannot call out from their support center. Basically I am SOL.

So who knows maybe I will receive my phone tomorrow but I’m not counting on it at this point.

It SHOULD NOT take a week and over 7 hours on the phone to get a company to TAKE my money.

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congratulations you gave up something you could have sold(AOL)on flebay for 400.00-

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Sounds like you have had quite the adventure.  Kind of sucks

Having said that, as someone who works at a bank, I might note for others when you are going to make a 'unique' purchase for something that is outside your normal spending pattern, example a cell phone purchase over a phone or internet, you might want to call your bank in advance to tell them.  There are some pretty elaborate checks in place that are there, honestly, to try to make sure you do not have fraudulent charges on your card.  My guess is that is what happened with the authorization.  Normally your bank will call or email you as well however.

Beyond that, while maybe the customer service was not the best with Verizon, the real issues seem to lie with your credit card company (again, I would argue in trying to help you) and with Fed Ex.  Blame Verizon but they are not the ones that didn't decline the charge or refuse to deliver the phone. 

anyway, just my 2 cents...

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i had exactly the same situation...exactlly.

what is really mad about this situation is the lack of corporate and personnel responsibility. by this I mean upon asking "why" this happened there is NO answer. and the only response one receives is a confirmation on the unacceptable date of shipping. i'm not certain even they can adequately explain it. on the other hand, they may in fact know why they did it but are unwilling to tell you why for fear of legal or otherwise negative feedback. in my perspective it amounts to treating a customer as insignificant.

i placed an order on Friday, she received my corporate credit card info and promised overnight shipping. it never arrived. upon calling i was told the payment wasn't processed. after repeated queries no one could explain why this happened. and then i was told the phone wouldn't ship for another 2 days and on a 2 day ship schedule. that was after they promised overnight.

when things go bad they really go bad.

not much else to say about it.....it was and still is, since i've yet to receive the new phone, a very distasteful experience.

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I also had a similar experience trying to order this phone. Verizon's website it horrible!  So many bugs and inconsistencies.  I'd bet that this is the same reason Verizon is taking so long to roll out the camera update for the Moto X.