Wifi isn't working like it used to

My Xoom had been great since I got it until I had it upgraded to 4G.  Ever since I got it back from Motorola, the wifi works so very slow that it usually times out. When I switch it over to the mobile network, it works just fine.  I talked to Verizon and they tried to troubleshoot, to no avail.  I contacted Motorola and they said it's my modem.  It is NOT my modem....2 computers run 24/7 off my modem.  I called Frontier about the modem and they agreed with me - it's not the modem.

Any ideas or suggestions out there?

Re: Wifi isn't working like it used to
Customer Service Rep

I'm glad you took advantage of getting your XOOM upgraded to 4G.
I'm not glad to see that you are having problems with WiFi since the update.
Thanks for also confirming with Frontier.
Please go to Apps>Settings>Wireless and networks>select WiFi settings>select WiFi network>Forget

Once that is complete, you can set up WiFi again http://bit.ly/Nk2XTp. We can do limited troubleshooting with the WiFi since it isn't our network and the mobile network seems to be fine which is our service.

Other than that, we would have to check into your device which covered under Motorola's XOOM manufacturer warranty for one year. If you are experiencing issues after the one year warranty period, please contact Motorola's XOOM Repair to discuss options: Repair - 800-734-5870

Tamara H.
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