2 Bluetooth devices at same time

With a Droid Turbo 1, is it possible to connect to 2 Bluetooth devices at once? I would like to connect to a laser scanner and a earpiece at the same time.


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Re: 2 Bluetooth devices at same time
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You've come to the right place for answers KevinNowak. I welcome the opportunity to assist you with your inquiry. With the Droid Turbo, you can connect to one designated phone device and one media device simultaneously. You may have to unselect the headset device as a media device and set it to phone audio only (by tapping the settings gear wheel next to the paired device under setttings>bluetooth) if wanting to use a separate media device at the same time. Since a laser scanner might not fall under either profile, you may not be able to use it in conjunction with other bluetooth devices.


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