4.4 upgrade - Canada roaming

After the 4.4 upgrade, I wasn't able to make outgoing calls in Canada.  It went immediately to a message that said, "feature not activated on your device.  Call customer service."  Of course, it also did this when I tried to call customer service.  Never had any issues roaming in Canada with this phone prior to upgrade.
It was a bit of a pain- and expensive needing to Skype out with roaming data....ouch.

Anyone else experience anything like this?

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Re: 4.4 upgrade - Canada roaming
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That is strange.

Normally when in Canada I have Cellular Data/Roaming set to on. I dial the full 10 digit number to place my calls.

In some places there may be a block with the local provider like Cantel, Bell Mobility etc. I would also suggest you try the *611 or 611 from where you are located. I called Bell one time when I wanted to use data. They were very helpful.

Good Luck