5.1 is full of bugs

After my Turbo updated to 5.1 the phone is terrible, I regret letting it update.  This is not a $600 plus flagship phone.

After the update.

1. My contact pictures no longer show on my car system when making and receiving calls.  All my android phones have worked before this for several years until this update.

2.  The ringtones and notifications constantly stop working every few days.  I miss calls constantly now and if I don't noticed the call I loose it( see item 3 below) I have to reboot the phone to get the sound working again.  Again this started happening IMMEDIATELY after the update.

3. The phone constantly mutes when I answer a call, I suspect this is because the mute button on the phone screen is at the top and the screen doesn't blank fast enough when raising the phone to my ear to answer a call.  Again this only started happening with version 5.1 What a huge amateur mistake, doesn't anybody at Verizon test anything??? Seriously pathetic is all I can say.

4.  The contact pictures are now way to small, seriously it has a 5" screen and the contact pictures are these  little tiny circles and most of the screen is white.  What a waste of screen space, plus most the pictures are clipped so you can't even see who it is.  Hey Verizon, did you know that your camera takes rectangular pictures?? and the cropping tool for adding contacts is square?? hello duh, it's stupid.

5. The Bluetooth disconnects now sometimes and has to be forced to reconnect to my car, this never ever happened before the update.

6. The notifications in the notification bar are too big and block you from using the phone for way too long if you are texting or doing something else.

7. The keyboard will stop working in the messaging app, you have to kill the messaging app in the task switcher to get the keyboard working again.  Again this only started happening after the update.

8. You have to swipe down the notification bar two times, then press the settings button to get to the settings, how unfriendly can you make it?

9.  Advanced Calling still doesn't work and is not usable, it constantly drops is completely useless.  Also my Verizon range extender doesn't work when advanced calling is on?  Also why don't you have the phone switch automatically from voice over LTE to the old system depending the signal strength and need to do voice and data at the same time?  This seems like it should be a fairly easy software update, making users having to turn it on  and off is stupid. Honestly my old Droid Maxx with the two antennas work a 1000x better for making calls and it had could do voice and data at the same time.  Verizon's main selling point and justification for it's high price what the phone call reliability.  Now with advance calling I would honestly say it is the worst of any of the carriers.  Please scrap advanced calling (Voice over LTE or whatever you call it), it doesn't work, it drops every single call and usually the call is garbled and hard to understand.

All of these bugs are inexcusable, considering Google released android 5 in October of LAST year and it took Verizon 9 months to release this , so don't respond to me and say this is a Google issue and Verizon can't control it, I bought the phone from Verizon, it's a Verizon only OS, the phone says Verizon all over and it has Verizon apps I can't remove and it is a Verizon only phone.  This is terrible.  I am seriously going to start looking for a new carrier if Verizon doesn't start to address these issues.

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Re: 5.1 is full of bugs
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We always want to make sure your phone is working awesome for you! It's certainly concerning to hear you're having these issues. I have a Turbo with Lollipop myself and can tell you from experience that this isn't normal. I'd like to address all of your concerns.

1. Getting your pictures to show on the car is definitely important. Sometimes an update can change the way the phone behaves which can effect how it interacts with other devices. Have you checked with the car manufacturer to see if there is any sort of firmware update available for the car?

2. This is certainly concerning. Your ringtones should work great all the time. Do the calls come through when this happens? What does the phone do when they do? How often do you normally reboot the phone?

3. That certainly would concern me as well. When this happens is the mute button pushed when you take the phone away from your face? I actually had this issue with the old software occaisionally but haven't seen it with Lollipop. It may be down to as you said how quickly the phone is put to your face and how it is held. How often does this happen?

4. Where are you seeing the contact pictures so small at? Is this in the contacts list? When opening a contact? Some other location?

5. That would concern me too. When this happens is the Bluetooth still on in your phone? Does it reconnect if you turn Bluetooth off and back on? How often do you usually turn Bluetooth off?

6. My notification bar and the notifications in it haven't changed in size since the update. Do you mean when pulling the notification bar down? When do you have this issue?

7. The keyboard closing like this is certainly alarming. Does it only happen in this one app? Are you using the default keyboard or another one?

8. This is similar to accessing the settings before where you had to swipe down the notifications bar, press the menu button and then select the settings. There is a great other option though. You can also access the settings right through your "apps" option and you can put settings as an option right on one of your home screens. This is how I access my settings and I've found it way faster. I actually started doing that with the last update as I didn't like the previous way myself.

9. I certainly understand your concerns with advanced calling. Nothing with this was updated in Lollipop and it is working normally. Network extenders don't access our 4G network and calls using advanced calling are processed over the 4G data network. Because of this they aren't compatible. For some advanced calling provides a better connection while for others it is worse. It really depends on what is stronger in your area, the 4G data network or the 1X network. I actually get better call clarity on advanced calling but that will be different for each person. You can turn this on or off any time you need if that changes but if you get better calls without this feature it can certainly be disabled.

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Re: 5.1 is full of bugs

With all of these issues, i wouldn't start with even Safe Mode, i'd go all the way to FDR.  Start fresh.  I would try a simple back up of files and pictures, music and media and disable app back up and restoration.  Then, factory reset the phone.  You can go back to Google Play and re-install the apps you want.  You might have several app conflicts between the old versions and new.

Perform a Factory Data Reset (Device Powered On) DROID TURBO by Motorola | Verizon Wireless

Re: 5.1 is full of bugs
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Please stop complaining, and do the necessary research to correct the problem(s).  I'm glad you're here looking for help, but really, the complaining is not necessary.

I upgraded to 5.1, but did a factory reset and wiped the cache partition as part of the upgrade process.  Starting clean is always the way to go.  I've had zero issues with my Turbo after the 5.1 upgrade, following this process.

If you need instructions on how to do that:  http://www.verizonwireless.com/support/knowledge-base-117345/

As far as the (change to) notifications go, that is part of Android 5.1 and is not specific to the Droid Turbo.  Verizon should know that and shouldn't need to waste your time asking questions trying to understand what you mean, when they should know.  If you're not happy with the new notifications, you can pass your feedback along to Google.  There are methods of getting the old ticker notifications back; do the proper research and you will find out how to accomplish that.

The range extender and advanced calling topic has already been addressed on these forums.  Do some digging and you will find it.

There are other ways to get to the settings app vs. swiping down on the notification bar twice.  Put an icon for it on your home screen.  Simple, right? 

Good luck.  

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For number 8, use two fingers to swipe down the notification bar to access the quick settings and the settings icon.

Otherwise I usually put a Settings Icon on the home screen somewhere.

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